Crispy Patacones Recipe

A beloved classic in Latin American countries, this Patacones Recipe is a simple yet satisfying snack that transforms green plantains into crispy, savory bites!

Let’s get started!

Prep the Plantain


Cut off ends of plantain. Run knife along the edge of green peel to create a lengthwise slit. Peel and cut into thick slices.

Heat Oil & Fry


Heat up the oil on medium-high heat. Add pieces of plantain. Cook until bright yellow on both sides.



Place plantain pieces on a cutting board. Use the bottom of a glass or mug to smash the pieces into disks.

Fry Again


Add flattened plantains back into the skillet of hot oil to fry again for a second time. Get it crispy!

Salt & Serve


Place them on a paper towel-lined plate to soak up any excess oil. Sprinkle salt immediately on each. Serve and enjoy!

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