Hey! My name is Lauren and I am the proud owner of Blissfull Kitchen. My love for food emerged during my time living in the misty mountains of Ecuador. I have two true loves in this world: food and travel. The latter has taken me around the world to countries like Spain, Morocco, Colombia and Ecuador.

I am a returned Peace Corps Volunteer where I served in Santo Domingo, Ecuador. If you have ever been to Ecuador, you will know that it is so much easier to see where your food is grown. Being in such close proximity with the fruit I ate for breakfast (from my backyard), the chicken in my sopa (also from my backyard), sparked my interest in all things food. I lived with a host family (shout out to the Montaluisas!) that had a backyard with papaya trees, banana trees and a small hut filled with chickens. I quickly learned that travel and food are extremely intertwined. In order to get to know a new culture, you must first get to know their food.

After the Peace Corps, I came back to Colorado where I attended culinary school. Now, my goal is to learn all things food and make amazing recipes to share with my readers.

Thank you to my taste testers and to all of you who have believed in me from the start. Love you mucho.

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